About us

The Circle Fashion Magazine was born out of the necessity to inform and shape people's perception of sustainable fashion.

The fashion industry is costing us the earth and we need to move from a linear to a circular model before we reach the end of the line. We are aware of the misconception that sustainable fashion is either mundane or a privilege. The Circle Fashion Magazine sets new trends, brings you all the fabulous sustainable designers and products out there, and shows you that sustainable fashion can be fun, comfortable, glamorous, elegant, luxurious yet affordable. It is exactly like non-ethical fashion but with one main difference: it is the future.

Although many new designers begin life as 100% sustainable, there are countless existing brands shifting towards a more ethical production. We feel they all deserve to be brought to your attention, whilst always being vigilant for potential greenwashing tactics.

We consider sustainable brands which take into account the environmental and social impact of their production by:
showing chemical content certification labels
using organic fibres and natural fibres that do not require chemicals to be produced, such as organic cotton, cruelty-free silk, natural dye, natural wool and hemp
using deadstock or leftover fabrics
using innovative fabrics with waterless production process
using vegan leather and cruelty-free fabrics
recycling and/or upcycling
producing responsibly: producing in limited quantities based on pre-order to avoid overproduction
producing seasonless, high-quality and durable garments
paying workers a living wage or taking significant steps to ensure their workers are paid fairly
All sustainable brands we showcase must be socially responsible and produced in a safe working environment.

For enquiries and collaborations: thecirclefashionmagazine@gmail.com