In Conversation with Alberto Audenino
Altaroma is a meeting point to explore new trends and an important national and international showcase for creatives of the fashion world. Between the 2nd-4th February 2022 they hosted a fashion show which, of course, we could not miss.
First in our series of articles about the event, we have our conversation with the designer who opened the Altaroma show: Alberto Audenino

What inspired you to become a designer?

I never realized I wanted to do this job, but I've always had a passion for fashion since I was little, then senior year of high school I realized it was what I wanted to do in life.

Could you tell me more about the collection made of recycled materials that began your career?

I had to prepare a school project and at that time I didn't have all the information and contacts I have today, so the only available materials I had were the yellow recycling bags that I used to create long dresses covered with flowers, then I used old ropes and studs and finally broken balloons and jute bags, this was useful to understand that I really liked to create real collections.

What inspired you to create this (the collection at Altaroma) collection?

I am a lover of music of any kind but I really love the 80's as a genre, there was always a song that struck me and touched my soul, and so I created the collection. The music inspired me to make the collection and then I needed to add the drama of rock and the sexy parts.

How do you incorporate sustainable materials in your contemporary collections?

I'm currently working with a large company that produces yarns, most of which are recycled, so I decided to use recycled fabrics with a very sophisticated taste.

What is your favorite piece of clothing and why?

Absolutely the suit, it is easy and immediately elegant, of course in a sexy way. You can use the pants or just the jacket, or wear them together with precious details. In fact, for this season we have included many suits with high straps and jungle fantasies.

Are the clothes from the fashion show from 2nd February made out of sustainable materials?

Absolutely yes, not all the collection but a good part is.

What was your most memorable experience at the Roma fashion show?

Well, it's a difficult question, the most memorable thing was being chosen to open the edition of Altaroma.

Article by Polya Pencheva