choose your style ahead of summer
With life slowly resuming in most countries, we are finally allowed to dream about summer. What better way to do this then checking out the latest and hottest choices in terms of swimwear?
Sustainable swimwear, costume da bagno sostenibile
Italian Nicole Debonis's one or two-pieces swimwear is a triumph of colours and patterns which will clearly never go out of fashion. What is also long lasting are the fabrics, made with high-quality 100% recycled materials and through a solid environmental and social friendly process.
Sustainable swimwear, costume da bagno sostenibile
Hawaii first and only plastic free swimwear brand, Indigo Wild Clothing offers a range of biodegradable and hand dyed pieces. This unique textile fabric is no different in appearance and endurance from any other garment, but, once discarded, it will only take between 3 to 5 years to decompose (compared to 40 to 200 years of a normal piece of clothing).

Worried that Hawaii is too far to order from? In addition to an ethical production, the brand uses sustainable packaging and an eco-friendly mailer to ship its products.
Sustainable swimwear, costume da bagno sostenibile
Derived from the endless love of nature and the oceans specifically, Scandinavian brand Seaquelle proposes one of the greater selections of sustainable swimwear you may come across. With styles ranging in sizes, shapes and colours, for women and kids, all of Seaquelle pieces are made of Econyl™, a 100% regenerative nylon made from abandoned fish nets and plastic waste floating in the oceans.
Sustainable swimwear, costume da bagno sostenibile
Scandinavian brand Scampi revolutionised the concept of swimwear 30 years ago by introducing the Mix n' Match idea to enable women to find their personal style. Today Scampi is still revolutionary by offering out-performing sustainable beachwear (costumes, dresses and accessories) which provide the highest resilience to sunlight, chlorine and UPF 50 sun creams. Designed in Stockholm, crafted in Italy and constructed using abandoned fishing nets, Scampi's timeless designs feature iconic stripes, prints and classical styles.
Sustainable swimwear, costume da bagno sostenibile
Whether you are looking for a two-pieces with mini or surfer shorts, a beachsuit or a bikinisuit, Hamburg based Mymarini's collections include a variety of functional styles and colours. All swimwear is made of ECONYL®, a durable and high quality 100% regenerated yarn from fishing nets and other nylon waste, produced in Italy under fair conditions by a supplier committed to the mission of green manufacturing, and environmentally friendly thanks to innovative technologies which use less water.
Sustainable swimwear, costumi da bagno sostenibili
With hemp being the most natural anti-microbial, UV resistant fibre and the healthier choice for our skin, it is easy to understand why Natasha Tonić's swimsuits are a smart purchase. You can choose from one of her designs showcasing classical silhouettes with a modern twist. Her pieces are made on order in LA to avoid unnecessary waste.
Sustainable swimwear, costumi da bagno sostenibili, sustainable bikini
At the core of US brand Strange Bikinis are quality over quantity, one-of-a kind swimsuits sewed by hand and body empowerment. What is more, pieces are made of soft recycled or biodegradable material and produced in small batches to avoid waste. Among the comfortable designs you will certainly find the best to enhance your body shape.
Sustainable swimwear, costumi da bagno sostenibili, sustainable bikini
Italian brand Viel Collection's designs are minimalistic, essential and are strikingly budget friendly. Mostly made of ECONYL® and other sustainable materials including organic cotton and recycled polyester, all orders are delivered in eco-friendly packaging too.
Sustainable swimwear, costumi da bagno sostenibili, sustainable bikini
By using ECONYL® thread which, you should know by now, derives from recycled fishing nets Kymina starts from the sea to give back to the sea. Locally produced in the UK, Kymina is a feel good brand with its elegant, timeless and shape flattering swimsuits. The design options are great and will please all taste with styles inspired by the trends of the 50's to 00's.
Sustainable swimwear, costumi da bagno sostenibili, sustainable bikini
As the name of this small swimwear brand suggests, by purchasing one of their products you do good. But the planet is not the only thing you would be supporting here as a portion of the profits from each sale is donated to associations and NGOs working towards ocean conservation, planting trees for carbon offsetting and supporting women in Africa and the Philippines. Do Good Swimwear comes in classic, timeless cuts in a limited choice of colours which you can mix and match. Each swimsuit is made of recycled materials from ocean waste and its high-quality guarantees longevity to each piece.
Article by Alice Guarnaschelli
Main photograph by Angelo Pantazis