The new next-level second-hand fashion app
The world is turning to second-hand fashion right now but it's not second-hand clothes shopping as we once knew it. There's not so much focus on just hand-me-downs or physically searching through clothes in a charity shop. There's been a fashion revolution which has brought with it the ability to shop second-hand on your phone. It's made shopping in an environmentally conscious way so much easier, and Esooko have tapped into this trend and taken it to another level.
Esooko (pronounced ee-sook-oh) is like Depop and Vinted but with greater environmental benefits. They've partnered with environmental initiatives that range from funding the planting of trees and restoring corals, to empowering young people to create more sustainable fashion habits. Jacob, the Co-Founder of Esooko, explained that 3% of each transaction goes to the initiatives. So, 2% from sellers and 1% from buyers, but sellers do have the ability to increase the percentage that goes to the initiative. Thanks to the tangibility of these initiatives, sellers and buyers can see their impact by looking at their impact counters, so you can actually see how many corals and trees you've planted or saved!

They've got off to a flying start. In the 10 days after launching, they'd already had 1,200 sign ups and 4,500 items uploaded which blew their 1-month projections right out of the water. A lot of this success was brought through Instagram as that is where the word about Esooko spread. Prior to launching, they found their initial sellers through Instagram who posted about Esooko and, as such, this brought them even more sellers.
Jacob is confident that Esooko will be a strong competitor to apps like Depop and Vinted. They believe that people will soon realise that they can do everything on Esooko that they currently do on these other platforms but with much greater environmental benefits. Esooko takes the buying and selling of second-hand clothes ten steps further and creates an even more positive impact.

Finally, I had to ask where the name came from. Jacob said they wanted to have lots of 'O's in it to reflect the aim of fashion circularity, plus 'sook' is like 'souk' which is a marketplace, and 'e' is synonymous with the environment. So, that's that cleared up! Very clever.

At the moment, Esooko is available on iOS but they're working on getting it launched on Android as soon as they can. So, go on, download Esooko just like I have and start buying and selling second-hand on an extraordinarily environmentally friendly level, so we can continue to love fashion and use fashion to help the planet.
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Article by Catherine McAteer