Saving the oceans one belt at a time
Today we're glad to welcome For Purpose Recycling (F.P.R), a brand who are preventing plastic from entering our oceans, whilst also creating income for the communities who collect it. How do they do this? By making belts.

The belts

F.P.R make unisex belts in 4 colours and the design is minimalistic yet striking. All belts are made from a Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certified recycled polyester strap and adjustable d-ring buckle.
The ocean

Through the sale of one belt, F.P.R pledge to prevent 10kg of plastic waste from entering the ocean. How are they planning on achieving this? Well, the funds help to build a Waste Bank Collection Network and Recycling Infrastructure in Indonesia.

Even though plastic waste pollution is a widespread issue, it's particularly rampant in Indonesia who are the second largest contributor of ocean plastic waste in the world. That's why F.P.R are focusing their efforts here to start with. West Papua, a province of Indonesia, is home to the Raja Ampat Islands that are well known for their coral and marine biodiversity which is threatened by ocean plastic and mismanaged waste.

The communities

F.P.R are not only just helping the oceans, they are also helping the local communities surrounding these oceans. The members of these communities can sell their plastic waste to the waste collection points in exchange for cash, healthcare, school fees and other essentials.

They also provide education for local people to help them improve their waste and recycling practices which are key to saving our oceans.

F.P.R really is a company that is doing it all. So, next time you're in the market for a belt, head over to to save the oceans and help communities, all by just purchasing one of their modest yet gorgeous belts.
Article by Catherine McAteer
Images from For Purpose Recycling