Let Lucy and Yak Dungarees Overhaul Your Life
Overalls are somewhat of an essential piece in a wardrobe. While many would perhaps see overalls as a boring not-necessarily-flattering one-piece, they have made their statement in fashion. With a belt, a funky pattern, or some accessories you can make a bold outfit statement.

Starting as a stolen trend from the masculine working wardrobe, overalls have crossed boundaries and expanded to everyday fashion. Whether you are looking for a power boiler suit or an all-time favourite pair of dungarees, Lucy and Yak have your back. Beginning life as a vintage shop, Lucy and Yak expanded when its founders realised they had an eye for fashion and their range of sizing and variety of products will make you fall in love with them.

If you're a one-piece lover but don't know where to find any sustainable overalls, Lucy and Yak have all the options you could ask for. Pinafores, dungarees, boiler suits… so many choices you'll want all of them.


When it comes to a one-piece, patterns and colours are my go to. My favourite Lucy and Yak items are their funky and colourful boiler suits. Especially the Carmen Organic Cotton Boiler suit in Peyton Print as it just looks like something from my dreams that someone has magically designed.

But, as much as I love boiler suits, a good old basic plain colour pair of Lucy and Yak dungarees is something I would never say no to. Even though black is my go-to colour, a light green can do wonders for your summer attire.
Whatever you decide, if you can set a little money aside to afford one of Lucy and Yak's items, it will be worth it.

One-pieces might look like they limit styling options, they are, in the end, two pieces in one. Yet, the potential one-pieces have is much bigger than you would think. I personally have always been a fan of overalls, they are a fantastic way of spicing up your wardrobe. I tend to own too many basic items so I can mix and match them, but overalls are the exception to the rule: different jackets, different shoes, and you're all set. So, snap out of the jumper-jeans combination and spice up a Lucy and Yak one-piece with some amazing accessories.

Style Guide
If you're still stuck, Lucy and Yak not only offer a wide range of pieces in a wide range of prints, they also offer you a guide and inspiration on how to wear your Lucy and Yak dungarees. Type #yearmyYaks into your Instagram search bar and you will enter a world of possibilities.

Swap your Yaks
Aside from offering a style guide, they are also committed to reducing fashion waste, and have set up a Facebook group for buying and selling their items. We all get bored of clothing items, it's only natural, but someone else might want to give your Lucy and Yak dungarees a second life. They encourage customers to look for local clothes swaps where they can exchange their items.

Many companies claim to make their garments with sustainable materials, but we, as customers, have no way of knowing whether that is true or not. Lucy and Yak allow you to follow the journey of the cotton. Plus, as a GOTS-certified organisation, they do their best to ensure the whole supply chain has high ecological and labour standards. This is because the mission of GOTS is to develop, implement, verify and promote the Global Organic Textile Standards.
Article by Laura Menéndez