Children grow but their clothes don't grow with them; Petit Pli has recognised this and started a sustainable childrenswear revolution. They haven't just stopped at little humans, though, they have expanded to adults (because we can change size, too!).

Petit Pli's collection consists of mainly a top and bottom for newborns, toddlers and adults but are available in striking colours. Plus, they have ingeniously tapped into the current climate and also make comfortable face masks.

With a small collection, Petit Pli define minimalism but their designs are anything but basic. Their clever construction means that Petit Pli garments can grow up to 7 sizes (so, 1 Petit Pli garment purchased instead of 7 traditional ones).

It's an idea that makes you kind of wonder 'why did I not think of that?!' when you think about how much clothing we need to buy our kids (sometimes waiting until the very last minute to make sure they definitely can't fit into it anymore).

Sent from the UK, they deliver to as many countries as they possibly can so you're unlikely to miss out on this clothing revolution. So, go go go and kit out yourself and your little humans in a unique and hassle-free way!
Article by Catherine McAteer