Can you do a 3 month #FashionDetox?
Join the #FashionDetox this summer and say no to buying brand new clothes. The Slow Fashion Movement wants us to think consciously about our clothing choices and only stick to second-hand, mending, borrowing, making and wearing what we already own from July to September this year.

But why? The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. If 20,000 people sign up to the #FashionDetox we can save the equivalent of up to 750 million litres of water and 2.5 million kgs of CO2 emissions.
Just think of it as being similar to Sober October but, instead of alcohol, you're giving up buying brand new clothes… and it's for 3 months. But you can do it! How? Because it's for a great initiative. The great initiative of slowing down the rate at which we produce and consume clothes. Plus, if we can't buy new, we have a chance to get creative and send a powerful message to the fashion industry.

Pledge to do the #FashionDetox at the Slow Fashion Movement.
Article by Catherine McAteer