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11th - 19th September 2021

With a focus on sharing skills and knowledge, instead of promoting next season's trends, Sustainable Fashion Week 2021 is a much-needed space to inspire a diverse range of people to be part of the sustainable fashion movement.

Whether you want to learn a new skill, hear from industry experts or swap some clothes, SFW 2021 will have an event for you. The week is all focused around 4 core themes: #regenerate, #rewear, #repurpose and #reconnect. Plus, you don't need to be based in Bristol (UK) either to join in – they have lots and lots of online events, too!

Here are some of the events that we're looking forward to at The Circle:

Upcycling Video & Meet the Maker

Tuesday 14th September, 2021
5pm – 6pm


CHRISTIANA will be posting Meet-The-Maker stories on her social media pages throughout Sustainable Fashion Week, including an Upcycling Video on Instagram on the 14th September showing how she's made her latest creation! #repurpose #reconnect

Shop Your Wardrobe Workshop

Tuesday 14th September, 2021
6pm – 7pm


Re_considered's online 'Shop Your Wardrobe' Workshop is an opportunity to go through all the items in your wardrobe and find the pieces that you don't wear anymore (maybe they're not your style anymore, or they're a bit worn and torn, or they don't fit) and brainstorm ideas on how to transform them and repurpose them.

Led by Tabby Bunyan of Re_Considered. She will give some tips and tricks for upcycling and a mini tutorial on mending. There is no skill level required. #rewear

Knit Repair Workshop

Wednesday 15th September, 2021
8pm – 9pm


Ideas for fixing knitwear that don't involve really neat darning! Creative, fun and with scope for personal development there will be an hour of tips and suggestions on fixing knitwear creatively and attractively.

Although there is no specific skill level needed to take part, it is best to know how to use a needle and thread and have basic knowledge of fixing. #rewear

Online talk: International Journal of Sustainable Fashion & Textiles

Thursday 16th September, 2021
3pm – 4pm


A webinar with Debbie Moorhouse, one of the founders and the Principal Editor of International Journal of Sustainable Fashion & Textiles, on sustainability within the fashion industry and the launch of this new academic journal.

International Journal of Sustainable Fashion & Textiles is a-peer reviewed academic publication and the world's first ongoing subscription journal dedicated to the area of sustainability and ethics in the fashion and textiles industry. Its principal objectives are to provide a platform for the advancement of sustainable fashion and textiles innovation, raise awareness of the environmental and social issues and disseminate how sustainable solutions can be implemented. #regenerate #reconnect

Material Revolutionaries: Creative Reuse + Tools of Transformation

Friday 17th September, 2021
3pm – 4pm


Please join us for an online panel discussion on creative reuse with designers José Hendo (UK), Melissa Ferreira Schwager (Germany/Canada), Sylvia Calvo (Spain) and Jane Ziemens (Australia).

This conversation brings together the voices and practices of designers who specialise in creative reuse. It is a unique opportunity to bring each of these women together to the table to share their inspiring stories, how they are inspiring community and what their tools of transformation are.

This is a free online event for you to attend and there will be an opportunity for Q&A at the end. We encourage to enter your questions and comments in the chat box during the talk in order for your inquiry to be selected for the conversation!

These are just a handful of events happening from the 11th-19th September, so make sure to check out the full programme here to see if anything catches your eye - which, if you're anything like us, it will!

Look forward to seeing you (virtually or in-person) there!
Article by Catherine McAteer