Inspiring a positive change
When the world went mute, we depended on social media, and, amongst the good, bad and not-so-useful influencers, a few brought change to the already changing world. Today, social media is a hub for every influencer, and some influencers can help us change our outlook towards life and our way of living.

Lifestyle, health, eating habits, our clothes, and what we do can all impact the environment that we live in. And, in the modern-day world, to make these habits positive ones, one of the strongest tools we have is social media.

Sustainable influencing can be impactful for a generation that depends on social media entirely. It can change the way we think or live for a more sustainable approach, whether it be an influencer promoting a sustainable lifestyle or a chain of sustainable products to their followers; to educate and make them aware of the difference that it can bring to the environment. Fortunately, there are a few dedicated sustainable influencers who started their journey years back that are already on the road to becoming the next big sustainable change.

The journey towards sustainability - whether it be a die-hard vegan or a zero-waste fashion influencer - can influence people to live a more sustainable life and develop sustainable habits causing less harm to the environment. This can be just the beginning of the next big change and the change-makers of society.

Sustainable influencers are on the rise due to the need to educate the general audience to adapt to this kind of living before it becomes a non-adaptable environment. Here are a few influencers who are considered to be the rising stars of sustainability.

This cape town-based multi-racial beauty embraces her Japanese and South African cultures by making it known with approaches made towards slow fashion and sustainability throughout her social media (Coconut Cracked). Masego Morgan is a young sustainable fashion influencer who talks about race, inclusivity, and environmental impacts on her platform. Her style is a mere take-up on both her cultures and she promotes sustainable fashion through championing second-hand products and being an advocate of slowing down your consumption. Masego is someone who loves thrifting which was inspired by her mother who loved thrift shopping herself when Masego was young. Masego's real passion for sustainable fashion began with her trip to Japan where she was
Masego Morgan. Coconut Cracked, sustainable lifestyle, sustainable influencer, ethical living, ethical lifestyle, sustainable fashion
exposed to a lot of sustainable fashion brands which inspired her to go further with her love for fashion while staying sustainable. She's all about brand transparency and wants brands to be honest with their customers about their practices. Her feed includes sustainable ways to try fashion with ways to attain it inspired from both her cultures.


Manuela Baron meant it when she said "I make Art out of Trash" in her bio. A Colombian-based sustainable artist, The Girl Gone Green, believes in environmental rights as much as human. A very subtly adventurous sustainable artist who talks about everything green related to beauty, travel, fashion, lifestyle, and adventure. She's an artist who gets extremely real about her life with zero waste and her blog page consists of ways to turn yourself into a sustainable being. Manuela's Instagram consists of her green life including her eco-adventures in the wild, as well as her brilliantly strategized eco-education which maintains constant awareness of environmental issues whilst promoting ways we can create change. Her YouTube channel is a wide awakening to eco-life and sustainability where she educates people to recycle and reuse the waste products into something very artistic. She's constantly using her platform to educate people on how to turn waste into a useful product through art and how to make it useful on a daily basis. This sustainable artist is truly a girl gone green.
In a generation of modern-day Kylie Jenner's, one Instagram bio says "I am a farmer's daughter". A young woman in India proudly embraces the farm roots of her father's heritage. This father-daughter duo is a visual representation of organic influencing and green education. Mr. Pradeep Sen chose farming as his full-time profession post-retirement and he was able to fulfill his wishes along with his family and daughter Radhika; who, after the pandemic, moved back home to the hills to help her father where she could explore a more green education. Their Instagram page for green education is where the Sens document their homegrown life, organic farming, and everyday life in the hills. Mr. Sen describes farming as getting in touch with his feminine side. He further adds "it's the only time he feels like a pregnant mother, where he needs to understand everything that nature is giving him". When it comes to their sustainable organic practices, the Sen's social media shows it all, whether that be them stitching their own clothes, upcycling old ones, or growing their own food from scratch. The Sens hold an organic biogas plant at home to avoid cylinders and they also consistently use fabric-based materials, avoiding plastics to be more sustainable.

Extremely talented, extremely aware and extremely gorgeous, don't forget Aditi Mayer when talking about sustainable fashion.

This Indian-based LA girl is a true lover of sustainability and fashion who is also a warrior for change. Aditi Mayer is truly a force to be reckoned with and her fight for sustainability has not gone in vain, her aesthetically beautiful sustainable outlooks on her social media have been quite impactful for many readers. But she's not here to spoon feed anyone: her goal is simply to make a change or be a change. Speaking of her influence, "Raw" and "Authentic" are the two words that describe her work which covers everything from biodiversity to consumer activism. She's a journalist by profession but fashion sustainability has always been a huge part of her life. Her blog page ADIMAY is a huge wake-up call for people living and breathing fashion or for people in the fashion influencing business. ADIMAY "explores the intersections between Style, sustainability and social justice". Sustainable fashion and Aditi definitely go hand in hand!
Aditi Meyer, sustainable lifestyle, sustainable influencer, ethical living, ethical lifestyle, sustainable fashion

The Zero Waste Guy is a blog page run by Jonathan Levy who is a zero-waste project manager strategist in LA. In the social media world, the term could be easily described as a zero waste influencer. Zero Waste Guy is a sustainable influencer who helps people to understand the ways of staying sustainable with minimal living to reduce waste in everyday life. He is currently helping brands to develop more sustainable products to minimize greenwashing and Jonathan is also a Thought Leader where he talks about global warming and climate change. If there is one influencer that stays dedicated and true to his work through social media influencing it's Jonathan Levy. His influence mostly talks about the recycling system and reducing what we don't need, to minimize the waste in our everyday life so that nothing shall ever end up in landfill. Levy's Instagram page is highly educational with awareness brought to certain environmental issues caused by different industries and focusing on ways to change it with posts consisting of tricks and tips to reduce waste within your own four walls by not letting any energy resources go to waste.


One can surely assume that Sustainable Sabs is not your typical modern-day definition of an Instagram influencer, this sustainable influencer is truly an authentic persona of herself in this modern-day era. Sustainable Sabs is the definition of staying true to yourself with the content that she produces and her take on subjects like veganism, activism, environmentalism, and climate change. Sab is someone who is a vegan and a low waste blogger and, due to her authenticity with her audience, she's someone who comes with zero filter. Her insightful and thought-provoking take-ups on sustainable fashion, vegan food, and zero waste living in New York City is a complete look book into her life. For those looking for authentic content, Sustainable Sabs is the one for you! A green girl in NYC!

A sustainable stylist and an adventurous athlete based in New York City, Terumi Alana Murao has a unique sense of style with looks that include sustainable artistry which has always made a mark on Instagram. Terumi's style is a concept derived from nature with her unique sense of ideas indulged in her styling that can not refuse to stand out.

She is a one of a kind stylist in the industry and has taken strides to make a difference, to say the least! Her sustainable styling involves a different variety of practices like vintage or second-hand clothing pieces put to use in a cycle of different shoots without having to purchase anything new or unethical. Basically reused and resumed. Terumi Murao is a true sustainably derived stylist!
Terumi Alana Murao, sustainable lifestyle, sustainable influencer, ethical living, ethical lifestyle, sustainable fashion

Gina Danza, a black representative for outdoor photography and an activist by nature, could be considered to be the next generation sustainable photographer. Her feed includes nature photography which brings much awareness to the environment, and she is an advocate for both people and nature. Gina Danza's social media is a way of expressing nature and outdoor life, with her stunning and mind-blowing social media posts that are to die for if you are someone who is a nature lover and also environmentally friendly.


This rebel is on fire with her advocacy on her "zero waste" adventures. Shia Su is a sustainable influencer that educates you in finding alternatives to help you live a sustainable lifestyle. She is a very resourceful influencer, author, vegan, and activist showcasing prominent content to help people consider their alternatives to protect the environment. Shia Su is constantly at the top of her game when educating her audience about the potential damage caused to the environment due to a few ignorant unethical practices and reflects on the ways to go sustainable. The story goes back to when Shia Su and her husband, Hanno, decided to be more sustainable during their freshman year. It never came easy but it was worth the great stride. They started by reducing things in their daily lives that fill up landfills by collecting an entire year's worth of trash that they didn't need and recycling it. They also practice veganism and consume only plant-based meals in their everyday life of zero waste living. If you are someone with a strict vegan diet and look for highly creative ways to remain sustainable then Shia Su is the sustainable influencer for you.
Article by Aashika A.