Jasmyne Spencer's sustainable lifestyle brand
To combat the phenomenon of climate change, different people find different ways of living their life in a sustainable way – from eating less meat and buying second-hand clothes to focusing on purchasing sustainably manufactured goods and products. Sustainable lifestyle brand Jas It Up is one of these brands who aim to educate but at the same time provide customers with quality products.
There are a few different collections that one can explore and purchase on the website of Jas It Up, namely RTG Capsule, Change In Tides, Jade Collection, and Gone by 2050. Each one of them is produced with care and the intention to deliver a message to every customer.
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Cropped windbreaker jacket
Change In Tides exemplifies a new wave of activism that pursues racial justice and equity. The collection advocates human and environmental exploitation which are the next step in the human rights battle. Change In Tides offers a few different items which are not only comfortable to wear but also look great. Take a look at the cropped windbreaker jacket which you can use any day regardless of the occasion - no matter if you are travelling or just spending time with your loved ones, this piece would be there for you in any situation.

The Jade Collection is another way to express yourself and show your support to Mother Nature. If you're interested in this particular collection, you can choose the fleece crewneck which is perfect to wear throughout any season. What's more, this clothing piece is unisex and you can even make a gift out of it. It comes in three different colours which fit any taste.

RTG Capsule's byline is "Revolutionise the Game" and its main goal is to support the movement for social equity.
There are a few different things you can choose and the youth signature tee is one of them. Together with the game reflection tee these designs are created to empower people and bring their values upfront. The youth t-shirt is available in different sizes and colours and it is a perfect fit for regular and school days.
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Gone by 2050 Graphic Tee
The latest collection that sustainable lifestyle brand Jas It Up released is called Gone by 2050. The goal of this collection is to support coastal communities affected by climate change because, according to the NYT, some of the world's cities are at risk to be underwater by 2050. The perfect example to express yourself and support the campaign is the Gone by 2050 Graphic Tee which is designed by the artist Shade Pratt. If you are into graphic t-shirts or just want to have something different in your wardrobe, this piece is the perfect choice. Not only will it make a statement but it will also add a playful note to your style.

"That collection is really dear to my heart," says Jasmyne Spencer, the founder of Jas it Up. "I really felt for the people who were constantly living through natural disasters with limited resources. I've been following climate scientists and their predictions of how climate change affects coastal communities, because that's my home. And a lot of the publications over the last decade have been insinuating that by the year 2050, we're going to lose major neighbourhoods in major cities around the world," adds Spencer.
"I thought a fashion brand would give me the best opportunity to share my message," says Spencer. Jas It Up's mission is to not only to provide people with long lasting, ethically produced goods but also inspire them to lead eco-conscious lives. Each of the brand's products are made from eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and recycled nylon. But there's much more to learn about the brand and the creator behind it.

In fact, it all began "really small" as Jasmyne Spencer puts it. Spencer is a professional soccer player with a biology background who has always been interested in environmental issues and climate change. She began selling headbands to interact with her fan base and she would do that on her own. In 2019, after a knee injury, Spencer had more free time which allowed her to develop her brand and relaunch it as a full clothing line. Each of the products has its own description explaining its sustainable impact as well as some data on the fabric it is made of.

Sustainable lifestyle brand Jas It Up offers each customer a comfortable, stylish outfit that can be worn anywhere at any time. The quality of the materials provides you with a long-lasting product and, most importantly, the people in the supply chain are treated well!
Article by Polya Pencheva